VI.  Quotations
THROUGH THE WILDERNESS It   was   many   years   before   I   realised   why   there   was   such   a   difference   in   feel   between   the   two seasons   [of   Lent   and   Advent],   even   if   the   reason   now   seems   obvious.   Advent   encapsulates the   Israelite   peoples'   centuries   of   longing,   watching   and   waiting   through   the   long   night   of   Old Testament   history   for   the   coming   of   the   Messiah.   It   also   anticipates   our   own   watching   and waiting   as   we   look   forward   to   the   promised   return   of   Christ   at   the   end   of   time,   even   though   we know   neither   the   day   nor   the   hour   when   he   might   come.   But   in   both   these   dimensions,   the long   night   of   waiting   moves   inexorably   towards   the   promise   of   new   life   and   light   encapsulated in   history   in   the   birth   of   Jesus   at   Bethlehem.   Easter,   too,   celebrates   glorious,   miraculous   new life   and   the   birth   of   a   new   creation   in   the   resurrection   of   Christ   from   death.   But   the   only   way   we can   get   to   that   resurrection   and   to   truly   experience   this   new   life   is   to   walk   faithfully   the   Lenten journey   with   Christ;   and   with   Christ,   we   will   find   ourselves   led   inevitably   through   the   wilderness to the cross.  Barbara Mosse, The Treasures of Darkness (Norwich, Canterbury Press, 2003), p.66.