VI.  Quotations
17.     4.  Mary, baptized 5th April 1744; buried         7th May 1746     5.  James Robert R.N. baptized 5th December 1745,         died 2nd April 1801.     6.  Joseph,baptized 27th March 1747; buried         8th July 1747.     7.  Isabella, baptized 9th August 1748; married         Mr.Thomas Elderton and died 5th September 1813.     8.  Penelope, baptized 28th May 1750; buried         5th October 1750.     9.  Penelope, baptized 13th July 1751; married         Mr.John Mead of Tring and died 27th October 1820. James Robert Mosse: baptized at Little Missenden,Bucks, December 5th 1745 > entered the Royal Navy when 11 years 8 months old by the favour of the Captain of H.M.S.Burford and was rated as Captain's Servant in that ship 6th August 1757. This was the usual way in which boys were trained for commissioned rank in those days. James served as Captain's Servant in the Burford until 31st October 1758. On 28th November 1758 he joined H.M.S.Lizard as Ordinary Seaman and Master's Mate, and remained in her until 20th May 1763.  Both these ships were on the North America and West India Station. While serving in the Lizard as Master’s Mate, James Robert Mosse was taken prisoner by the Americans* "in which fate he continued till the Peace", as he writes in his own memo. The service of James Robert Mosse in the Royal Navy is set out in the following statement :-     SHIP.           RANK.          ENTRY.    DISCHARGE. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Hussar              Master's Mate. Sept.6th 1763. Dec.22nd 1766 Tweed               Master's Mate. Dec.27th 1766  Apl.19th 1770 Niger                              Did not join. Yarmouth            A.B and        June 9th 1770  Nov 17th 1770                     Master's Mate Bellona (1)         Master's Mate  Nov 18th 1770  March 12th 1771 Northumberland      Midshipman     Mch 13th 1771  Oct.4th  1771 Swallow             Lieutenant     Oct. 4th 1771  May 7th  1774 Orford              Lieutenant     May  7th 1774  Jan 3rd  1775 Buckingham (2)      Lieutenant     Jan  4th 1775  May 26th 1775 Half Pay                -          May 27th 1775  Mch 26th 1776 Juno                Lieutenant     Mch 27th 1776  Feb. 3rd 1778 Eagle (3)           Lieutenant     Feb. 4th 1778  Jan.27th 1779 Half Pay                -          Jan.28th 1779  July26th 1779 Arrogant            Lieutenant     July27th 1779  Aug.13th 1780 Half Pay                -          Aug.14th 1780  Oct. 2nd 1780 Alfred              Lieutenant     Oct. 3rd 1780  Dec.10th 1780 Vengeance (4)       Lieutenant     Dec.10th 1780  Aug.17th 1781 Half Pay                -          Aug.12th 1781  Apl. 9th 1782   18. Victory             Lieutenant     Apl.10th 1782  June 18th 1782 Pluto(Fire Ship)(5) Commander      June19th 1782  Apl. 18th 1783 Half Pay (6)        Master and     Apl.19th 1783  May   6th 1790                     Commander Wasp (7)            Captain        May  7th 1790  Oct. 14th 1790 Half Pay            Captain        Oct.15th 1790  Feb. 14th 1793 Sandwich (8)        Captain        Feb.15th 1793  Sept.20th 1797 Braakel             Captain        Sept29th 1797  Apl.  7th 1798 Veteran  (9)        Captain        Apl. 8th 1798  Apl. 30th 1799 Monarch  (10)       Captain        May  1st 1799  Apl.  2nd 1801 ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Notes on the above Statement. 1.Served in and about the Channel in the Hussar, Tweed, Yarmouth   and BeIlona. 2.From 13th March 1771 until 26th May 1775 he served on the East   Indies Station with Sir Robert Harland who promoted him to   Lieutenant, 4th October 1771. James wrote in a memo now in the   possession of Captain H.T.Mosse R.N. "Returned to England in the   "year 1775 in the Squardon, but with the loss of health occasioned   "by a blow from a piece of wood falling on his head when executing   "his duty and which rendered him incapable full fifteen months or   "indeed till he returned to his native climate". 3.From 27th March 1776 until 27th January 1779 he served on the   America Station with Lord Howe and was the Second Lieutenant   in the Eagle. 4.From 3rd October 1780 until 17th August 1781 he served on the   West Indies Station. 5.April 10th 1782. First Lieutenant to Lord Howe in the Victory   and accompanied him to the relief of Gibraltar in command of   the fire ship Pluto with the rank of Commander. 6.19th April 1783 his rank as Master and Commander was confirmed   and being placed on half-pay he was sent on impressment duty at   Bristol. 7.From 7th May 1790 until l/+th October 1790 he served in the   Channel as Captain of the Wasp. Date of Captain's commission   September 21st 1790. 8.From 15th February 1793 until 28th September 1797 he was in   command of the depot ship Sandwich at the Nore, and it was   during this period that the mutiny occured. Captain H.T.Mosse   R.N. has in his possession several letters written by seamen   to Captain James Robert Mosse begging him to intercede on   their behalf. The ringleader Parker was executed on board the   Sandwich. 9.From 29th September 1797 until 30th April 1799 he served in   the North Sea in command of Braakel and Veteran. 19. 10.The Monarch,Captain James Robert Mosse R.N., was the second    ship in the line of attack at the battle of Copenhagen and her    Captain was killed in the first few minutes. Midshipman    Millard described his death in these words : "His card of    "instructions was in his left hand, and his right hand was raised    "to his mouth with the speaking trumpet.  He was laid in the    "stern-walk and a flag thrown over him,"  The Monarch suffered    terrible casualties; when Millard went down to the main deck    he found "not a single man standing the whole way from the main-    "mast forward".  See "Nelson’s Band of Brothers", by Ludovic    Kennedy, p.234.  There are memorials to    Captain Mosse in the Church at Wickham, Hampshire, where he lived;    and in St.Paul’s Cathedral, London.  His Will, dated 19th April    1787, was proved 17th September 1801, P.C.C.  Captain James Robert Mosse R.N.    married 16th March 1780 Ann Grace, daughter of the Revd.Stephen    Kinchin of Stoke Charity,Hampshire; at Deane, Hampshire.    Mrs. Mosse died 21st January 1843, aged 83 years. There is also    a monument to her memory in Wickham Church.  From this marriage there were    six children :-      1. Robert Lee Mosse; born 5th January 1781, died 30th         July 1872.      2. Mary Ann; born 19th February 1784, died unmarried         28th March 1814. There is a memorial inscription         for her in the Church at Wickham.      3. Charles Mosse; born 30th June 1785. Major in the         Royal Artillery, married 8th April 1817, died 9th         February 1831.      4. William Philip Mosse R.N. Born 15th January 1787.         Died at sea in H.M.S.Athenienne, 20th October 1806.      5. Margaret; born 30th May 1789, died unmarried 26th         July 1866, and has a memorial in Wickham Church.      6. Elisa Amelia; born 8th December 1790. Married John         Blatherwick, Surgeon, of Fareham, Hants. Died 19th         December 1858 and was buried at Wickham where there         is a memorial for her. Robert Lee Mosse; the eldest son of Captain Mosse, married on 30th August 1806. Eliza Bedford, the daughter of a Solicitor in Portsmouth.  For a great number of years Robert Lee Mosse was Clerk of the Checque in H:M: Dockyard at Portsmouth and in this capacity all the stores of the Dockyard were under his control. He died at a house in West Street, Fareham on 30th July 1872 and was buried at Wickham.  There is a memorial inscription to him in the Church at Wickham.  His Will was proved 31st August 1872 by his son-in-law the Rev. Charles Bedford. 20. Eliza, the wife of Robert Lee Mosse, died at Fareham 23rd April 1855 and was buried at Wickham where there is a memorial inscription to her. Their marriage took place at Paddington Old Church, in Middlesex and they had issue :-     1.  James Robert Mosse; born 24th March 1809 at         Fareham where he died 26th June 1862.     2.  Maria; born some time in 1807 and died 12th         October 1820 age 13 years.     3.  Eliza; born some time in 1810 and died 27th         January 1846 unmarried     4.  Prances; born 29th September 1813.She married         the Rev. Charles Bedford of Allesley, Warwickshire         and was buried at Allesley on 29th November 1888,         The Rev. Charles Bedford died at Allesley 11th         April 1878. Charles Mosse, the second son of Captain J.R.Mosse R.N. was born at Bramdean, Hants, on 30th June 1785. He entered the Royal Horse Artillery 27th April 1801, having become a Gentleman Cadet on 17th September 1799. He was promoted to the rank of Second-Captain on 1st February 1808, and Captain 17th October 1823. He became Brevet-Major 27th May 1825. Charles Mosse served in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick during 1808 and 1809 and again from 1819 to 1821}.. In 1813 he joined the forces in the South of Prance and Spain and commanded a Brigade at the passage of the Nive, for which he received the medal. He also had charge of landing the large battering train intended for Bayonne. Major Mosse was quartered at Barbados in 1826 and during 1828 and 1829 he filled the position of Deputy Judge Advocate-General at the Head-quarters Wollwich. He died at Devonport 9th February 1831 and was buried in the Old Parish Church-yard at Stoke. On 8th April 1817, Charles Mosse married Sarah Ann, daughter of William James Almon, a Physician of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The marriage took place at St.Luke’s Church, Chelsea. They had five children :-     1.  Charles William; born 30th June 1818, died         13th April 1826.     2.  Anna Prevost; born 2nd February 1820, died 16th April         1821.     3.  Anna Amelia; born 18th June 1821, died         9th February 1826.     4.  James Robert; born 31st May 1823, died a date         later than June 1900.     5.  William; born 8th January, died 26th May 1921. 21. Sarah Ann Mosse, the widow of Major Charles Mosse, died at Kilkenny 6th June 1846,and was buried in St.John’s Churchyard in that city. James Robert Mosse. the eldest surviving son of Major Charles Mosse, became a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and was awarded the Telford Medal. He served as Chief Engineer of Railways in Nova Scotia, as General Manager of the Mauritius Government Railway and subsequently for eleven years, as Director of Public Works in Ceylon.  He retired on pension in 1882 and spent a considerable part of his leisure in finding the genealogical details of our branch of the family.  It is due to his researches that we have the complete pedigree as far back as the Robert Mosse who married Margaret Hodgson at Crosby Garrett, Westmorland.  He married at St.Paul’s Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Harriett the second daughter of Captain N.T.Hill, late of the Royal Staff Corps; and had issue Harriett Hill Mosse, who was born 8th February 1887. His wife, Harriett Mosse, died 16th February 1887 and was buried at Three-mile Church on Bedford Basin, Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have not been able to find the date of the death of James Robert Mosse,M.I.C.E. It may have been in the later part of 1900 at a Nursing Home in Eastbourne.* In 1891,J.R.Mosse placed a stained-glass window in St.Philip’s Church, Earl’s Court Road, Kensington, in memory of his father and mother and of his own wife. William Mosse. the youngest son of Major Charles Mosse,R.A. was born at Woolwich on 8th January 1829.  He was gazetted to an Ensigncy without purchase in the 26th Regiment of Foot, Cameronians, on 21st August 1849. He purchased his Lieutenancy 5th December 1851, and his Company 25th August 1854.  He was gazetted Major without purchase 4th April 1864 and retired upon half-pay on 29th April 1873. Major William Mosse was gazetted Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 28th March 1874 and retired from the Army on 28th May 1874.  He served with the 26th.,in the Mediterranean, Bermuda, Canada and India. He was on active service in the Abyssinian Expedition and received the medal for that campaign. Colonel William Mosse died unmarried 26th May 1921.  For many years he was a member of the United Services Club and from time to time helped his brother James in his genealogical researches. James Robert Mosse. the only son of Robert Lee Mosse, was born at Fareham, Hants 24th March 1809. When he was sixteen years old his father apprenticed him to William Nicholas Wickham and William James Wickham, Surgeons and Apothecaries of the  City of Winchester, for five years, in consideration of the sum of £295, with the proviso that during the last two years he should be allowed to attend lectures in the London hospitals. The Indenture is dated 15th March 1825. 22. James Robert Mosse became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and practised in Fareham from about 1849 until his death on the 26th., June 1862 after a long illness with much pain. He married on tne 22nd., August 1840, Emma, the daughter of Captain Edward Bedwell Law of Staplegrove, Taunton, and their first four children were born at Taunton ; so it is possible that James was practising there as a doctor at that time. Emma Mosse was born on the 3rd., March, 1815 and died at Wandsworth Common, South London, on the 10th., November 1889.  They had eight children.     1.     James Robert, born on the 26th., August 1841            at Taunton, who became a senior Civil Servant            in the Admiralty Department.  He married twice,            first Emily daughter of the Rev, James Gowen of            Lewisham, where J.R.Mosse was living at the time.            The marriage took place at St. Stephen’s Church,            Lewisham, on the 9th., May 1876.    By this            marriage there were three sons :            (a)   Robert Lee Mosse born at Lewisham on the            6th,, January 1877 who became a Master of the Supreme            Court of Judicature.  He married Dorothy Rose            Vernon on the 15th., June 1910 and has four sons.            (b)   Harry Tylden Mosse born at Lewisham on the            25th., February 1878, who entered the Royal Navy            and retired with the rank of Captain. He served            in the 1914-18 war and was mentioned in Despatches.            He married Violet Pemberton on the 30th., January            1908. He has a son and a daughter.            (c)   Wilfred Russell Mosse, born at Croydon on the            1st., June 1683, who died three months later on the            8th., September. Emily Gowen, J.R.Mosse’s first wife was born in Bombay on the 31st., July 1848 and died on the 17th., October 1884 at Croydon, where she was buried in the cemetery there. J.R.Mosse married secondly Ellen Eunice daughter of Charles Harris. She was born at Sydney, New South Wales, on the 29th. January 1859 and was married on the 19th., April 1888 at St. Annels, Eastbourne, Sussex. She died on the 22nd., August 1908 and was buried in the cemetery at Croydon. From this second marriage there were two children. 22a.            (a)   William Shorland Mosse, born at Streatham,            Surrey on the 3rd., April 1891 : was educated at            Felstead. He was in Canada for three years and            during the 1914-18 war went to France with the 1st.,            Canadian Division and was twice wounded.            Commissioned in the Queen’s Royal Regiment in 1915            he served with that Regiment for three years in            France, being awarded the Military Cross and promoted            to the substantive rank of Captain. The citation            of the award is            "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty"            "when in command of a daylight raiding party. He"            "moved about ’No Man’s Land* in daylight between"            "his two parties while the raid was in progress"            "and showed complete disregard of danger. The"            "success of the raid was greatly due to his cool-"            "ness, courage and judgment, and to the able way"            "in which he trained and organised the party. Four"            "times recommended."            Captain W.S.Mosse also served with the British            Expeditionary Force in Russia during 1919 ; and            afterwards bought Fowey Farm, Tzaneen, in the            Transvaal, South Africa, where he became a            successful orange grower. He married Martha            Cecilia Kirston on the 15th., December 1926 and            has a son and a daughter.            (b)   Margaret Irene, born at Streatham on the 27th.,            February 1889 who married Mr. Alexander Cyril            Anthony of the Indian Civil Service, on the 6th.,            October 1913 and has two sons.     2.     Alice Grace, the second child of Dr. J.R.Mosse, was            born at Taunton, on the 31st., August 1843 and            married on the 8th., July 1869 at Bridgnorth,            Shropshire, the Rev. Henry Parsons, who was Rector            of Bridgnorth from 1879 to 1905, when they retired            to Folkestone, Kent, where they both died.  He died            on the 9th., May 1925 and she on the 9th., March            1931.   There were three daughters and a son.     3.     Gertrude Eliza, born at Taunton on the 16th.,            June 1845, died unmarried at Carshalton, Surrey            on the 15th., April 1910. 23.   4.    John Kinchin Mosse; "born at Taunton 5th June 1847. He         entered the Royal Navy and became Paymaster-in-Chief.         He married Jessie Woodland at Minehead,Somerset, on 2nd         September 1880, and after retiring from the Royal Navy         lived at Maidenhead,Berkshire,where he died 11th June         1919. Mrs.Jessie Mosse died at Maidenhead in November         1927. They had two children: Guy Fitzroy Mosse, born 8th         March 1884, who was an invalid from his infancy; and         Jessie Ellen Mosse,born 20th April 1885, who is still         living in Maidenhead and is unmarried.   5.    Charles Wynne Mosse, the third son of Dr.J.R.Mosse, was         born at Fareham 2nd December 1850. He took Holy Orders         and became a Canon of Durham Cathedral, having served as         the Diocesan Missioner for many years. On 12th April         1910 he married Constance, daughter of Canon Body of Durham,         in the Cathedral at Durham. On 11th July 1917 Charles         Wynne Mosse was found dead in his stall in the Church of         All Saints, Wolverhampton,Staffordshire,of which he was         the Vicar.   6.    Frederick Edward Mosse, the fourth son,was born on 15th         April 1853 at Fareham. He entered the Merchant Navy as         a Cadet and was lost at sea 13th June 1871.   7.    Arthur Henry Mosse, was born at Fareham 10th April 1856.         He took up a business life in the City of London and on         7th October 1911 married Dora,daughter of John Tatam         Stansby,at St.Luke1s,Balham, He died 22nd March 1939 at         Carshalton,Surrey, where he was living. He had no children.   8.    Herbert Ryding Mosse, the youngest son of Dr. J.R.Mosse,         was born at Fareham,25th February 1858. Four years later         his father died,but the family continued to live for some         years at the house in High Street,Fareham. Herbert was         educated at Epsom College and later studied in Durham         University where he took the degree of Doctor of Medicine.         He also studied at Charing Cross Hospital London,and then         became House Physician at Bolinbroke Hospital,Wandsworth         Common,where he met Katharine Hammerton,the youngest         daughter of Charles Hammerton Esq.,of Stockwell. On 10th         June 1886,they were married in St.Andrew’s Church,Stockwell         and went to live at Hobart House on the North side of         Clapham Common.  Dr.H.R.Mosse became a partner of Dr.Edgar         Spitter at Clapham,and qualified as a Member of the Royal         College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the Royal College of         Physicians. Mrs.Katharine Mosse was born 7th November 1861         at Princethorpe near Coventry, Warwickshire. Dr. and Mrs.Mosse had four         children who were all born at Clapham. 24.   1.  Charles Herbert Mosse, born 17th March 1887, who took       Holy Orders and became the Vicar of Aldwick,Sussex. He       married Beatrice Elizabeth Watson and has three       children.   2.  Sydney Hugh Mosse, born 15th April 1889. He qualified       as a Solicitor,married Phyllis Ada Spencer on l4th April       1914 at St.Stephen’s,East Twickenham,Middlesex, and died       childless at Hampton Hill on 21st February 1920.   3.  Philip Godfrey Mosse,born 10th January 1891. He was       studying to qualify as an architect when the first World       War started. He gained a commission in the 13th Batta-       lion,The Royal Warwickshire Regiment and was killed in       Mesopotamia 6th April 1916.   4.  Olive Mary Katharine; born 10th October 1896,married       Francis Gordon Troup 20th January 1920 at St.Andrew’s,       Ashley Place,London S.W.1. and has four children. Dr. H.R.Mosse retired from medical practice in June 1910 and retired to Twickenham, then later to Ifield,Sussex and to Roffey House,Horsham and finally to Aldwick, where he died 30th June 1942. Dr.Mosse spent the years of his retirement in antiquarian studies. He became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and published two books : The Monumental Effigies of Sussex 1250 A.D. to 1650, in 1931, which had a second edition in 1933; and The Treasures of Sussex Churches in 1937.  He also assisted in reviving the Company of Apothecaries in London, of which he was made an honorary member, and received the Freedom of the City of London. -----------oOo--------------