VII.  Odds and Ends
How to Cure Hiccups The following cure for hiccups has been successfully tried out on a number of friends. Drink   but   do   not   swallow   a   small   quantity   of   water.   Instead,   hold   your   head   back   so   that   the water   rests   in   the   back   of   your   throat   for   as   long   as   possible.   When   you   simply   have   to swallow   it,   do   so.   Repeat   this   twice   over   (one   swallow   doesn't   make   a   summer).   It   won't   feel like it, but your hiccups will almost certainly have gone. f   they   haven't,   do   the   whole   exercise   again.   It   has   never   been   known   to   fail   on   the   second attempt. If   you   do   not   have   any   water   to   hand,   carry   out   the   exercise   with   the   same   movements   as   if you did have some, gulping down air instead. This also has been found to work. Martin Mosse, April 2009.