VII.  Odds and Ends
Frodo Updated
Several   of   you   have   asked   how   is   Frodo.   Frodo   is   nearly   a   year   old   now   and   weighs   over   five stone.   His   grasp   of   English   is   already   excellent   and   he   always   understands   precisely   what   it   is   that he is refusing to do.  Further,   like   ourselves   he   is   acquiring   a   considerable   appetite   for   good   books.   We   have   concluded that   he   rather   fancies   himself   as   Double-0-Dog   from   the   way   he   positively   devours   spy   thrillers. Only   the   other   day   we   spotted   him   getting   his   teeth   into   a   vintage   James   Bond   paperback   out   on the   lawn.   To   assist   in   the   rebinding   process   he   had   thoughtfully   detached   the   two   covers   and located them elsewhere in the garden for safe keeping. Our   initial   calculations   suggest   that   we   could   probably   halve   our   electricity   bills   by   attaching   a small   generator   to   his   tail.   However   we   are   cautioned   by   the   ancient   maxim   that   "Every   dog   has his day and the dog with a sore tail has a weak end". The offer of a garden shredder remains (urgently!) open. Martin and Barbara. MBM, B/W 12.3.2000. (Parish magazine of St John the Baptist, Purbrook, April 2000)