VII.  Odds and Ends
Films   There   are   four   sorts   of   film:   Westerns,   War   Films,   Thrillers   and   Romances,   which   may   be   classified as follows. In   Westerns    the   Goodies   and   Baddies   are   easily   distinguished   from   the   beginning,   and   can   be identified   in   advance   by   the   actors   who   play   them,   who   are   usually   the   same   in   each   film.   Further, for   ease   of   comprehension,   all   Westerns   have   the   same   plot,   as   well   as   the   same   location, Monument   Valley. At   the   end,   all   the   Goodies   are   to   be   found   vertical   at   one   end   of   the   Main   Street, while   all   the   Baddies   are   horizontal   at   the   other.   The   ending   has   however   two   variants.   In   the   first, one   of   the   Goodies   has   a   bleeding   right   arm.   In   the   second,   there   is   only   one   Goody,   played   by John Wayne, whose arm is intact, and about twenty Baddies, but the other details are unchanged. In   War   Films ,   Goodies   and   Baddies   are   equally   easy   to   identify,   by   their   helmets.   In   War   Films   the Goodies always win, even if, like the Baddies, they mostly end up horizontal. Thrillers    have   one   Goody   who   is   identified   before   the   start   by   name,   e.g.   Poirot,   Marple,   Wimsey or   Morse.   They   have   one   Baddy   whose   identity   is   concealed   until   the   end,   and   which   is   always   a surprise.   Thrillers   are   distinguished   from   other   films,   in   that   viewers   are   required   to   use   their intelligence. At   the   end   the   Goody   is   always   vertical,   ready   for   the   next   film;   the   fate   of   the   Baddy   is usually left to the imagination. Romances ,   like   Westerns,   have   all   essentially   the   same   plot.   There   are   two   Goodies,   one   male and   one   female.   Baddies   are   optional   and,   if   present,   are   usually   eliminated   by   the   end.   As   to whether the Goodies end up vertical or horizontal, it would probably not be proper to comment. MBM, B/W 25.10.3, am